Careers at TLC Employer Services

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Here are some benefits and expectations for all TLC team members:

100% Insurance

We offer 100% paid Health, Dental and Vision Insurance. Other plans through AFLAC are also offered.

100% Paid Gym Membership

We offer a fully paid gym membership to one of the more high-end fitness centers that offer multiple locations and fitness offerings. Corporate discounts flow down to your spouse and family if you would like to take advantage of that as well.

What more can be done than unlimited PTO

How about paying for the actual trip? It’s great when companies give their top tier sales people a trip; but we figured it would be best to reward everyone at TLC, because everyone at TLC is top tier. All team members of every division receive anniversary trips around the country and world for hitting milestone anniversaries within TLC. Our team members + their significant other, deserve this thank you from us for their hard work.

We just want everyone to be happy

Our leadership team is honest and open with everyone. We expect the same respect from all of our team members.

Why wouldn’t we offer free snacks and light breakfast for everyone

It’s the simple things that stand out sometimes.

Micro-managing didn’t work in the 90’s, why would it work today

Nobody likes micro-managing, that’s why we don’t do it.

We hate quotas

This speaks for itself. We have goals, but quotas put daily pressure on employees, which interferes with doing what’s best for our clients. When you work hard, efficient, and stay proactive, the numbers will fall in line when you have the best company in the industry behind you.

Don’t be too serious

What we do is extremely serious, but you need to have fun while handling this type of work. We’ve found this improves our culture, which helps our accuracy and overall service.

We win awards because of every person on our team

Though we have fun, we expect the best. Team members always need to be on their A game. Our reputation is everything.

More benefits will always be coming

We love challenging ourselves with offering the best benefits. With our continued growth, you better believe more fun benefits are coming!

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