Dear Valued Client, We are reaching out to remind you that closures Monday, May 29th (Memorial Day Observed) may affect when you need to submit payroll. If you have a check date of Monday, May 29th, you will need to either pull back and have a check date of Friday, May 26th or push forward… Read more »

Popularly known as welfare reform, the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA) requires employers to report newly hired employees to their state’s designated agency shortly after they are hired. In all 50 states, Journey Employer Solutions takes this responsibility for reporting their client’s new hires to the state in which they work. New… Read more »

On May 4th, a bill that would replace the Affordable Care Act was passed by the House. The bill would eliminate the need for employers to calculate whether they had 50 or more full-time equivalent employees in a year and repeal most taxes under the law. Under this new bill, known as the American Health… Read more »

On May 2nd, the House passed a bill that is being called the Working Families Flexibility Act. • The Goal: To present a new way for employees to compensate a heavy workweek with more time off in the future, rather than the extra overtime income during that pay period worked. • Employee Choice: Employees who… Read more »

The IRS renewed a warning about an e-mail scam that uses a corporate officer’s name to request employee Forms W-2, Wage and Tax Statement, from company payroll or human resources departments, the agency said January 25 in a news release. In the scam, cybercriminals tricked payroll and human resource officials into disclosing employee names, Social Security… Read more »

An executive order signed January 20 by President Donald Trump gave wide latitude to federal agencies and states by allowing them to minimize the economic and regulatory burdens of the Affordable Care Act. Under the order, agencies and states were allowed to waive, defer, offer exemptions or delay “the implementation of any provision or requirement… Read more »