Complete Payroll Tax Management Dedicated Payroll Manager New Hire Paperless Onboarding Integrates with 401K Partners Secure Email of Payroll Reports Affordable Care Act Monitoring Payroll Submission Reminders Cash Requirement Notifications Free Federal & State Labor Law Posters
Track & Approve PTO All Reporting on One Dashboard Integrates with Payroll Software Track Job Costing Metrics Track IP Address & GPS Data Desktop and Mobile Applications
Paperless New Hire Documents Upload Handbooks, Policies, and More State & Federal Compliant Paperless W4 Paperless I9 Find Tax Credits with WOTC Easily
Normally Reserved for Fortune 500's Deals to National Companies Deals to Local Companies Save Time & Money Enticing Employee Benefit Earn Loyalty Credit at Establishments
Schedule Employee Surveys Anonymous Feedback Recognize Others on Daily Wins Keep a Pulse on Team Happiness On-Demand, Instant Suggestions Safe & Secure
Customized Policies & Handbooks Proactive & Reactive Services Options Online Access & One-on-One Options
Simple Business Sign Up Drug Testing Easy Employee Process Driving DVM History Violent & Sexual Offender Search Search Locally, By State, and Nationally
Work Opportunity Tax Credit Federal & State Empowerment Zone Credits Renew Employment Credits Federal Indian Employment Credits Completes form 8850 and 9061 Electronic Signature Fast (never miss the 28-day window) Reporting Engine in Real-Time, End of Year, or Period 100% Web-Based & Secure
Eliminate Administrative Burden 1094-C & 1095-C Form Electronic Filing Automatic & Monitored Tracking
Work with Your Health Broker Avoid Workers’ Comp Audits Technology to Help Protect from ACA Laws Integrate with Payroll Collect Accurate Information Paperless Benefit Admin for Any Size Company
Participant Support Services Plan Sponsor Service Investment Advisor Support Collect Accurate Employee Data Work with Your Current Broker Referrals to Trusted Local Brokers Reduced Paperwork Data Security Timely Investments