As shareholders of TLC Employer Services our focus is on leading our team to provide the best service, technology, and value to our clients. Our team strives to be the best at not only giving our clients the best experience from the services we offer, but also provide the best internal environment for our team.

Fortunately for us, we work with phenomenal individuals and every single member of our team is crucial to our success. Please take a moment to learn about the individuals on our team below.

Thank you for looking into our team!

– Kevin, Sue & Ashlee

TLC’s Shareholders

Ashlee Faulkner – Kevin Welch – Sue Shirley

Kevin Welch

President & CEO

Kevin’s focus is to show clients that TLC is the best solution for their Payroll needs because of technology, value, but most importantly, service. Kevin has incorporated a structure that will allow TLC to consistently grow strong and steady. He believes that business should be earned by trust and relationships. Having a goal to stay the leader in retention and growth keeps Kevin focused every day. Kevin’s biggest passion within TLC is to make every TLC team member feel they work at the best company that truly cares for their clients and every employee within TLC.During his free time, Kevin will most likely be with his wife Christine, their sons Logan and Caden, and their dog Bailey. You can find Kevin and his family at local restaurants with friends, by the pool in the summer, or visiting the classic “go to’s”, such as the Denver Zoo, going to a Rockies or Rapids game. Kevin enjoys playing golf when he finds the free time, but nothing comes close to spending time with his family.
Little Known Fact: His childhood dream was to become a police offer. He went through the first two and half years of college with a declared major in Criminal Justice, until changing his focus to Financial Management, which he eventually graduated in.
Favorite Beverage: Water, coffee and any quality local micro-brew.
Favorite Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers (Bronco’s are growing as a strong #2 favorite), San Jose Sharks and Oakland A’s.
Favorite Part of TLC: “Working with honest, high integrity, hard working professionals that have the positive “glass half full” mentality. No excuses. I’m blessed to work with amazing people every day.”

Sue Shirley

Shareholder, VP of Payroll Tax

Sue proves day in and day out that TLC provides the best service in the payroll industry. The foundation of TLC is only strengthened by Sue’s expertise and heart for our clients. No matter how many changes affect the payroll industry, Sue makes sure her clients are taken care and worry-free. Her never ending effort and care for TLC is something anyone can be envious of.
When Sue is not taking care of TLC client’s, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Steve, visiting family and friends, and playing with her dogs.
Little Known Fact: She grew up on a ranch in Steamboat Springs and in a prior life was a rodeo queen.
Favorite Beverage: Iced Tea.
Favorite Teams: Denver Broncos.
Favorite Part of TLC: “I love that we are locally owned and have great team members that I work with each and every day!!”

Ashlee Faulkner

Shareholder, VP of Payroll & HR Solutions

Ashlee has a mind and heart perfect for leading TLC. Her experience in the health industry has rolled into becoming a huge piece of the exceptional client experience at TLC Payroll & Insurance. She has the ability to explain TLC’s process to new clients where the client feels comfortable and at ease. Being able to provide the knowledge for payroll and insurance offerings to new clients is what Ashlee loves doing.
In her spare time, Ashlee can be found spending time with her family and friends. She comes from a phenomenal military family and is a proud sister and daughter of men that fight for our country.
Little Known Fact: She started skiing at the age of 2.
Favorite Beverage: Vanilla Macchiato (everyday).
Favorite Teams: Denver Broncos and Colorado Rockies.
Favorite Part of TLC: “The wonderful people I work with, the flexibility and the awesome clients we get to interact with and service.”

Sarah Willox

Sr. Payroll Manager

Sarah comes from a payroll and bookkeeping background that relates to our clients perfectly. She does what’s needed to get the job done right and TLC clients can see that. Sarah is friendly and accurate with all the payrolls she runs and works with a mix of different sizes and types clients.
In her free time she can be found spending time with her husband and watching her “goofy” kids do the things that they love! You can find Sarah and her family camping, dirt biking, four wheeling, playing softball or volleyball, stock car and drag racing, or competing in target shooting. She stays busy to say the least!
Little Known Fact: She seriously considered becoming a forensic scientist.
Favorite Beverage: Sweet tea, water, and C&D.
Favorite Teams: Hendrix Motorsports, Denver Broncos, and Colorado Rockies.
Favorite Part of TLC: “My co-workers (it’s never a dull moment); as well as the customer service that we provide to build excellent client relationships.”

Lina Freed

Sr. Payroll Manager

Lina comes from terrific background that allowed her to walk into TLC already knowing the details of what we do every day. She is an amazing person to have on the team and along with being a great resource for our clients, she is phenomenal for TLC’s culture. When Lina is around you, you’re always put in a great mood with her fun humor and caring ways.
In her free time, Lina enjoys attending sporting events and traveling North America.
Little known Fact: On one side of her family tree she is the 7th generation in Colorado and 3rd in Fort Collins.
Favorite Beverage: Ice cold Bud Light or Rum & Coke (cherry coke makes it all that much better!)
Favorite Teams: CSU Rams, Denver Broncos, and Colorado Rockies.
Favorite Part of TLC: “The ever changing daily duties along with the fun and family like atmosphere.”

Elizabeth Hobbs

Brand Ambassador

Elizabeth joined TLC with her tremendous personality and drive to excel. After joining TLC in an assistant role, she was quickly moved to lead our marketing and brand awareness. Elizabeth, aka Lizard, aka LizB, is someone that you can count on always being the right person to represent TLC properly.
In her free time, Elizabeth can be found playing outdoors with her two fur-babies or enjoying a meal at a local restaurant with family and friends.
Little Known Fact: She grew up on a farm in Georgia.
Favorite Beverage: Water, wine, coffee and hot tea.
Favorite Teams: Georgia Bulldogs. GO DAWGS!!
Favorite Part of TLC: “That we are like a family. Work is so much more enjoyable when you can work with great people and don’t feel like you’re at ‘work’.”

Kirsten Madland

Tax & Customization Mgr

Kirsten has an amazing background in bookkeeping and payroll. Being Quickbooks certified and coming from a background of working with simply small business, along larger restaurants, and complicated job costing clients she’s perfect as TLC’s Implementation Manager. Her first two years with TLC she focused on the payroll side of TLC which allows her to be an expert in payroll and implementation within TLC. She is always that leader that you can depend on delivering terrific results.
Kirsten was born in Arizona but moved to Colorado and calls this her home for good. In her free time she can be found with her family at local restaurants or any of her kids activities.
Little Known Fact: She learned to swim at 9 months old, before she could walk!
Favorite Beverage: The 415! (a yummy drink made with ginger, lime and possibly a little vodka; from Restaurant 415 on Mason St).
Favorite Teams: AZ Diamondbacks, AZ Cardinals and the Colorado Eagles (Yes, I am from AZ…).
Favorite Part of TLC: “Being able to work with great friends!”